Why ORFIL – A best place to work

Working with Orange retail finance India is a million miles away from a soulless corporate job. It means you get to touch life’s of people and have a direct, significant impact on people’s lives every day of the week.

Why work for an ambitious professional organisation; It’s better than getting a MBA. It’s the place to be to learn and grow.

We are committed to developing our human capital and offer a range of opportunities including:

  • Internal and external training courses
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Annual appraisals and monthly 1-to-1 management support

Work Culture

To develop a customer centric work culture with special emphasis on customer care and convenience, ORFIL ensures a highest level of integrity to our customer, creating an ongoing relationship of trust and confidence.

We treat our customers with honesty, fairness and respect. We also value our employees and think it is our most valuable asset. We respect the worth and dignity of individual employees who devote their careers for ORFIL. We strongly believe that in investing in the development of our human resources would ultimately result in competent, confident and committed workforce.

Team Work

We at ORFIL indulge in work together culture for a common purpose with full trust on our team members. ORFIL believes in team work and feels that loyal and motivated team can produce extraordinary results. The credit for the success of the organization will go to the team work of staff members working in close cooperation of each other. We give opportunities to our employees to work at cross-functional levels and learn new skills working with different people.

In summary our package includes

  • A competitive salary
  • Professional culture
  • The chance to develop and get promoted
  • Potential bonus as applicable for the critical roles
  • Environment based on trust
  • Close knit team effort
  • Work culture ethics and value system
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