Micro Business Loan

Managing finance is the key to success for any business, and that too timely finance to meet the Capital requirement , which will be the key to business prosperity.

We at Orange Retail finance understand that each business has a unique financial needs and through our strong semi urban and rural distribution network, we will be able to meet your Business loan requirement – Micro Business loans.

Our target segment will cater to the Business Loan requirement for the last leg of the retail distribution chain in semi urban and rural India. By doing so, Orange will promote sustainable and equitable rural development through financial intervention, innovation and technology for economic prosperity. Mostly, these loans are given to startup owners, small business owners and women entrepreneurs on a short-term basis.

Features of Micro Business Loans from Orange

Orange with its strong rural presence understands the pulse of the market and has designed the product to meet the WC requirement for the customer at the end of the retail distribution chain. These loans are approved through an online process which helps in speeding up the financial vehicle delivery and customizations which makes them ideal for today’s competitive business environments.

Apply for Micro Business  Loan Online

We believe in fast track approval and therefore, we removed every process that slows down a loan approval. We have ensured same-day loan approvals with disbursals within 48 hrs

Ticket Value up to ₹

We have a flexible ticket size for the Micro Business Loans that starts at ₹ 20,000 and goes up to 3lac.

Micro Business Loans without Collateral

All business loans approved by Orange are unsecured, so no need to worry about asset security when getting a business loan

Competitive Interest Rates Micro Business Loans

We value your money and hence provide competitive interest rates for your enterprise.

Flexible Repayment Tenure

Micro Business loans give options to repay your business loan easily. Our loan tenures start from 12 month and go all the way up to 24 months.  All charges are transparent and clearly communicated

Micro Business Loans by Orange - Benefits

Micro Business Loans by Orange help your business’s growth potential by providing the much needed short term working capital requirement.

With minimal documentation and through artificial intelligence we keep the turnaround time to minimal and hence provide faster resolution

Our Micro business loans help you in balancing your company capital through short-term investments that can be easily repaid.

With Micro Business loans, you can give your business a much-needed boost and hence improve your profitability. This, in turn, will reflect in your books and create goodwill and credibility for your business in the market

Micro Business Loans Fees & Interest Rates

Customized Interest Rates Starting from 1.75 % Per Month*
Processing Fees 2-3%
Loan Tenure up to 24 Months
Eligibility Criteria Minimum Business vintage of  Two years
Loan Amount ₹ 20,000 – ₹ 1 Lac
Installments Monthly

Documents Required for Micro Business Loans

Proprietorship Partnership Pvt. Ltd. / LLP
Bank statement (06 months)
Business registration proof
PAN Card Copy
Aadhaar Card Copy
Partnership Deed Cop
Company PAN Card Copy/MOA/AOA

We accept any of the following as a Business registration proof

1) Business Registration Certificate

2) GST Certificate

3) Trade License

4) Drug License

5) TIN / VAT registration