Brand Perception

The power color Orange means joy and creativity, it promotes general wellness and emotional energy which is vibrant, healthy and engaging continuously.

Brand Orange conveys that as an organization we are on the go with enthusiasm and creativity to transform the lives of every house hold in semi urban and rural India.

Orange retail finance India Pvt Ltd is a non banking finance company incorporated in 2000, registered and certified by Reserve bank of India.

Orange retail finance is been formed to primarily address the financial needs of salaried/self employed and informal segment of customers belonging to BOP, middle, lower middle group in semi urban and rural markets. 70% Population lives in rural India, the socioeconomic base of the pyramid (BOP) need a full range of financial tools to improve their lives, from credit to insurance and more. Two wheeler is the most preferred and affordable mode of transport in India due to lack of infrastructure in semi urban and rural areas. Only one out of every 30 person owns a two wheeler in India which indicates the need for basic mode of transport. Orange retail finance is determined to cater the needs of these customers by arranging organized lending platform to fulfill their transportation needs and fasten to ensure continuous engagement with our customers on multiple product offerings for enduring goals in target markets.

About Us

Two first gen entrepreneurs had a dream and long term vision to build an NBFC for providing easy access to finance at affordable cost in their geography. We strongly believe in reaching unbanked geo for addressing deserved salaried & self employed of middle, low-middle class and informal segment of BOP for accessing organized finance system to enrich their lives in the community.

Our vision is to be the preferred neighbourhood financier for every household of semi urban and rural markets in the country.
To be a transparent secured products financier with deeper understanding of our target segment and make an impact in the markets with tailor-made customized products and hassle free process on lending and thus become a market leader.
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